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What is difference between adhesive and sealant?
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Adhesives and sealants are both substances used to join and bond materials, but they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics:

1. Adhesive:

   - Purpose: Adhesives are primarily used to bond or join two surfaces together by creating a strong, durable bond.

   - Flexibility: Adhesives are generally more flexible than sealants, allowing for movement and flexibility in bonded materials.

   - Usage: Commonly used in applications where the primary goal is to create a strong bond between materials, such as in woodworking,

                 construction, or crafting.

2. Sealant:

   - Purpose: Sealants are designed to create a barrier or seal gaps and joints, preventing the passage of air, water, or other substances.

   - Flexibility: Sealants are often more elastic and flexible than adhesives, allowing them to accommodate movement without losing 

                     their sealing properties.

   - Usage: Widely used in applications where the main objective is to provide a watertight or airtight seal, such as in construction joints, 

                plumbing, and automotive applications.

In summary, while adhesives focus on bonding materials together, sealants are used to seal gaps and joints, providing protection 

                against environmental elements. The choice between adhesive and sealant depends on the specific requirements of

                the application.