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  • Starship 1st launching on Apr.20,2023, Thursday.


  • Professional concrete joint sealant


    DiMei professional precast concrete joint sealant【detailed】

  • Windshield polyurethane sealant


    aluminum tank packing【detailed】

  • MS Polymer sealant


  • Customer from EU visited us.


  • Production back to normal after SCO Summit.


    Due to the impact of the SCO Summit, to ensure the safety and smoothness of the meeting, our factory will be on holiday from May 20 to June 13 to conduct safety rectification. During this period, all production and supply have been suspended until the end of the holiday.【detailed】

  • New DM formula (PU sealant) arrived!


    After a large number of experiments and tests, DiMei's R&D department added another new member to Dimei's polyurethane sealant, the upgraded version of windshield PU sealant. The formula has made technical improvements based on the previous matured formulations, and has effectively improved both in terms of adhesion, weatherability, and other physical properties and indicators. At present, the new formula has been put into production, domestic and foreign customer orders have come one after another. Should other honored customers are in need of it, please contact and order as soon as possible.【detailed】

  • Introduction (March 1, 2018)


    Qingdao DiMei Manufacturer Company Limited  successfully completed the production of polyurethane sealant for Australia's BP Chemical Pty., Ltd. The company's production efficiency and perfect cooperation have been greatly recognized by the customers.【detailed】

  • MS sealant introduction (Nov.18,2017)


    MS sealant is a cross-linked polymer based on a silane-terminated sealant polyether. MS sealant does not contain silicone components and solvents, does not contain polyurethane groups, most formulations are odorless and environmentally friendly, MS sealant inherent elasticity, can absorb and compensate dynamic loads, uniform transmission force, prevent premature fatigue of materials, MS Can achieve a variety of substrate bonding.

    The typical feature is that without surface treatment, such as primers, MS sealants are cross-linked or cured by continuous exposure to moisture. Moisture mainly comes from the air or the substrate itself.

    MS sealant is a new type of sealing material. Due to its obvious advantages in its chemical characteristics, it is widely used in the sealing and bonding of various substrates, including stainless steel, aluminum, plastic steel, glass, ceramics, wood, etc. Indoor decoration and industrial production, home furnishing activities are also widely used.

  • Polyurethane adhesive introduction (Dec. 08,2017)


    Highly flexible, tough and resistant to extreme fluctuations in the weather
    DM Polyurethane (PU) adhesive are some of our strongest adhesive technologies. Coupled with high levels of flexibility, these adhesive are ideal for glazing or construction joints as well as being highly resistant to weather conditions, UV exposure and pollution.

    We provide 1-part polyurethane solutions as they are convenient and easy to use. Our polyurethane adhesive range includes both low and mid modulus products, allowing you to select the most appropriate level of elasticity for your individual needs.  Throughout the process of formulating our Polyurethane adhesive products, we not only strive to comply with the latest building codes and environmental standards, but also to ensure that our range of solutions continually meet the evolving demands of the field of construction.

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