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DM windshield polyurethane adhesive DM-221
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Windshield Polyurethane Adhesive DM-221

DM-221 is a one-component widely used polyurethane sealant. It is an elastic substance formed by curing in a reaction with the moisture in the atmosphere.It has advantages of high performance,odorless and solvent-free,shiny surface, anti-sagging,short drawing,easy to second disassembly,no need for primer on glass surface.


DM-221 is widely used in the bonding and sealing of windshields of cars, buses, prefabricated vehicles, modified vehicles, containers, ships,the bonding and sealing of automobile side glass and car bodies, car body skins, and aluminum gussets,bonding and sealing of interior and exterior decorative parts of the car body, weld sealing, body box sealing, etc.


Please use the accompanying glass cleaning activator wipes according to the instructions to wipe the glass surface to be bonded and let it dry when use DM-221. The bonding surface must be clean, dry and remove all kinds of oil, wax and dust. Make sure the bonding surface is free of contamination before adhesive application.The windshield without ceramic seal on the sides requires additional UV protection.The most suitable temperature for the substrate and glue is 15°C to 25°C.


The general package of DM-221 is 300ml/aluminum cartridge and 600ml sausages.

It is best to use it within nine months in order to ensure its superior performance . Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of its storage environment.