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Liquid Nails Glue DM-188
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Nail-free adhesive DM-188


Nail-free adhesive, also called liquid nail, is a multi-functional building structure super adhesive with extremely strong adhesion. Liquid nail is one of D&M best-selling products.


Liquid nail is famous for its good initial adhesion, strong adhesion, and convenient and quick construction. It has begun to enter the market strongly in recent years. It has gained prominence as a replacement for glass adhesive, all-purpose adhesive and other adhesives.

Liquid nail has good temperature resistance, high cost performance and wide application. Widely used in various materials such as PVC, marble, gypsum, steel plates, wooden boards, etc.


Currently, in response to the needs of European and American customers, D&M also developing weather-resistant Liquid nails that are more cost-effective and have better performance than well-known brands. Our Liquid nails will also continue to be updated and upgraded to meet the needs of countries around the world.