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Stable Construction Sealant MS113
Source: | Author:DiMei | Published time: 2024-01-04 | 167 Views | Share:

MS Polymer Sealant MS113 is a general-purpose modified silane polymer sealant developed specially for construction. In DIMEI's MS Construction Series, which is characterized by its reliance on a chemical reaction with water molecules in the air for curing. This sealant is a common sealant in construction, mainly used to fill all kinds of gaps indoors and outdoors, and has a strong adhesion to concrete, glass, wood and so on. 


Its advantages include: firstly, its weather resistance, strong UV resistance as well as good elasticity and expansion, which makes the adhesive strip hardly break in ten years; secondly, this product does not contain harmful substances such as toluene and formaldehyde, which provides customers with health protection.


In terms of packaging: we provide 300ml PE Cartridge packing and 600ml sausage packaging to meet the different needs of customers. We promise to respond to every request from our customers and the response will exceed their expectations. Our products are not only outstanding in performance, but also equally exquisite in details.


Overall, MS113 is an excellence general-purpose industrial sealant for a variety of building environments, both indoors and outdoors. By choosing MS113 from DIMEI, you will get a high-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly sealant product that will add more brightness to your construction projects.