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Aquarium glass silicone sealant DM-686
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DM686 acidic silicone sealant creates a perfect aquarium world

----------A high-quality sealant specially designed for small, medium and large aquarium manufacturing.


1. Sealing characteristics

100% silicone aquarium sealant that is waterproof and permanently sealed. The high strength can withstand the glass breakage caused by the high water pressure in the aquarium, ensuring the perfect seal of the aquarium and making your aquarium world more peaceful and safe.

2. Non-toxic and harmless materials

As a non-toxic and harmless material, DM686 ensures the safety and health of the environment to the greatest extent. It does not release harmful substances and will not have a negative impact on fish and ecosystems, making your aquarium world greener and more environmentally friendly.


3. Practical skills

(1) Make sure the glass surface is clean and dry before adhesion to improve the sealing effect.

(2) Adjust the adhesive viscosity as needed for better adhesion to the glass surface.


4. Conclusion

Choose DM686 acidic silicone sealant, to add color to your aquarium world and bring you and your family a safer and comfortable viewing experience.