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Flooring adhesive for timber, wood or bamboo floor
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DiMei Original Developed flooring adhesive

MS131FC Flexible & elastic Floor AdhesiveSubstrate: MS Polymer

MS131FC is a non-solvent adhesive based on MS polymer, one component, moisture curing type. The product is designed as indoor floor surfacing materials for bonding wood flooring, composite wood

flooring, floor of PVC, SPC, WPC,LVT With flexible, resilient, quiet and other notable features.Prominent advantage

l Environmentalprotection,freeofformaldehyde,toluene,isocyanate,PVC.
l Lowviscosityglue,liquidity,excellentoperatingperformance,easypavementconstruction.
l 100%solidcontent,doesnotshrinkaftercuring,thefloorwillnotdelamination,hollow,cracking.l Moisture-proof,Thermalconductivity,Soundinsulation.


MS131FC suitable for paving a variety of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, suitable for all kinds of pavement, laying system for construction is particularly convenient for the bottom of the floor with the geothermal system of wood flooring system has a good heat transfer effect.
Reference to GB / T 20238-2006 "wood floor pavement, acceptance and use of the" pre-hardened and waterproofing the ground, paving Shop pavement, paving the glue on the ground, after the use of toothed scraper will be plastic Paste spread directly after the paste floor, floor temperature at room temperature after 24 hours to walk.