The use area of PU sealant in life.
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Main use area of PU sealant.
What are the main properties of polyurethane (urethane) sealant in life?

The main use of polyurethane sealant is civil construction, transportation and so on. For example, in Japan, about 75~80% of polyurethane sealant is used in construction, 15% is used in automobile and machinery manufacturing, and 5% is used in civil engineering and other aspects.
The specific applications in the construction are: the connection of building materials such as concrete prefabricated parts and the filling and sealing of the construction joints, the sealing caulking between the wooden frame of the doors and windows and the concrete of the wall, and the sticking of the lightweight structure (such as the curtain wall) on the building. Caulking, waterproof caulking of balconies, swimming pools, bathrooms, etc., sealing of air conditioners and other system connections, insulation of double glazing, sealing of insulated sashes, etc.
Polyurethane sealants are used in automotive applications: assembly and sealing of windows (mainly windshields), assembly of body and other components.
In terms of civil engineering, polyurethane sealant is used for caulking seals with flexible joints such as high-grade roads, bridges, and airstrips, and for sewers, underground gas pipes, wire and circuit pipes, etc. of concrete, ceramics, PVC, etc. Connection seals, seals at subway tunnels and other underground tunnel junctions.
Polyurethane sealant can also be used for flexible joints of cables (such as underground cables), potting of electronic components, and dustproof and shockproof; for sealing and sealing of heat insulation systems such as refrigerated trucks, cold storage insulation and cryogenic vessels.