MS sealant introduction (Nov.18,2017)
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MS sealant is a cross-linked polymer based on a silane-terminated sealant polyether. MS sealant does not contain silicone components and solvents, does not contain polyurethane groups, most formulations are odorless and environmentally friendly, MS sealant inherent elasticity, can absorb and compensate dynamic loads, uniform transmission force, prevent premature fatigue of materials, MS Can achieve a variety of substrate bonding.

The typical feature is that without surface treatment, such as primers, MS sealants are cross-linked or cured by continuous exposure to moisture. Moisture mainly comes from the air or the substrate itself.

MS sealant is a new type of sealing material. Due to its obvious advantages in its chemical characteristics, it is widely used in the sealing and bonding of various substrates, including stainless steel, aluminum, plastic steel, glass, ceramics, wood, etc. Indoor decoration and industrial production, home furnishing activities are also widely used.